Saturday, June 11, 2011

Social Media Overload: When is too much?

     I was researching different types of social media outlets for my internship this past week and my boss gave me and the other interns a list of over 60 different social media sites ranging from microblogs to social networking sites to social media dashboards to investigate.  I was amazed at all the different outlets that an individual or organization could connect with others through.  Many were slightly changed versions of more popular outlets giving users one more place to share the happenings of their lives with others.
     I started to think, how many profiles are too many?  When does it hit the point where spending twenty minutes checking and updating their 4th microblogging profile grants them little additional exposure?  Is there such thing as too much social media?
     Sure, experts tell beginner social media users that they should utilize many different types of mediums to reach and connect with their different types of users because people prefer different things.  I understand that notion and it makes sense to give your customers and potential customers or clients media how they want it . But there has to be a point where the repetitive exposure doesn't really do you any good and your time could be used wisely elsewhere.
    The real question, however, is how much is too much?

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